The Team

2017 Executive BoaRd

Jiao (Kristian) Wang

Executive President

  • Tianjin, China

  • Year:Junior

  • Major: Supply Chain Management & Economics 

  • Professional Experiences: Intern at Unitrump Supply Chain Management(Tianjin) Co., Ltd

  • Management Trainee Intern at Beijing Jizhong Taurus Hotel, Beijing, China

  • Student Cook Supervisor(Level III)at MSU Residential Dinning; Mentor at MSU English Language Center

  • Contact email:

Hanyi Zhou 

Vice President of China Operation

  • Suzhou, China

  • Year:Senior

  • Major: Supply Chain Management

  • Professional Experiences: 

  • 517 Delivery company intern

  • BP Oil Company Case Competition first plan 

  • Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Procurement intern

  • Y.H global logistics company Intern
    -Orientation leader

  • Tutor acc202 at A Plus Education

  • Contact Email:

Siyao Xue

Vice President of Marketing

  • Nanjing, China

  • Year:Senior

  • Major: Supply Chain Management

  • Professional Experiences: 

  • 517 Dine at home driver

  • Hubbard Dining hall, rear services and food services

  • Bank of China, Jiangsu Branch, International Settlements department (letter of credit, collection,remittance) 

  • Contact Email:

Jiuchen Song 

Vice President of Finance

  • Shanxi, China

  • Year:Senior

  • Major: Accounting

  • Minor: Economics

  • Professional Experiences: Tutor of Economics, VITA tax return;Intern at Lifetime Brands;Intern at Huaxia Finance

  • Contact Email:


Yuqi Zhang

Vice President of Human Resource

  • Beijing, China

  • Year:Sophomore

  • Major: Accounting

  • Professional Experiences: 

  • Incoming Intern at Cummins Inc.

  • Contact Email:


Lijia(Emma) Chen

Vice President of Operation

  • Chongqing, China

  • Year:Junior

  • Major: Accounting

  • Professional Experiences: Tax Intern at Warmels & Comstock; PWC Case Competition Spring 2016

  • Contact Email:


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Quan Jia

Executive Vice President

  • Xiamen, China

  • Year:Sophorma

  • Major: Business-admitted

  • Professional Experiences: Site coordinator of VITA 

  • Food Service Assistant in MSU Culinary Services 

  • Leader of Asian Christian InterVarsity

  • Student Leader of  2016 MSU Pre-Departure 

  • Contact Email: