Human Resource Team:

Create, regularly update, & maintain a membership database containing all current & former members. Closely monitor and track attendance and participation through the member database

Propose and facilitate a membership experience enrichment program(s) to promote member involvement, relationships, and satisfaction.

Edit and send organization official emails and communication ( Utilize school records & social networking to identify potentially relevant MSU/BCBS alumni.

The deadline is 2.01,11:59pm

We use link not a download form this time for application: ​

Marketing & Design Team:

The Marketing & DesignTeam is the primarily external arm of BCBS. Marketing collaborates closely with several executive board positions to advertise all external/public BCBS events, and promote the Broad China Business Society on a general level. Marketing raises awareness of BCBS through the website, official MSU-related sources, direct-to-student communications, publicity events, and other means.

■ Social Media: English and Chinese (FB, Twitter, Instagram; WeChat, Weibo, etc.
■ Design Group: Flyer, Brochure, Member Manual, Banner, etc
■ Photo/ Video
■ Web Design: MSUBCBS.ORG

Examples: Ticket sales, public presentations, advertisement materials
design, preparation, and distribution, graphic design, website development and support. 

Operation Team:

The Operations Team serves as the ‘engine’ of BCBS, focusing largely upon internal activities. Operations initially estimates and schedules all BCBS events for a semester or academic year based upon direction provided by the executive board. The team subsequently plans, organizes, and executes each individual event with full-scale organization support.

■  International Career Fair
■  Professional Events: Business Tours and Guest Speakers
■  Social Activities: BBQ, Laser Tag, etc.
■  New Proposal

Examples: Speaker identification and invitation, venue and materials setup, semester schedule
plan creation, guests’ arrangement (transportation, hotel), general event organization. 

Finance Team:

The Finance Team maintains both internal and external endeavors. Internally, Finance works with both the Treasurer and Operations/Marketing to control spending and plan future budgets. Externally, Finance serves a sales role, ‘selling’ BCBS to various types of organizations to procure funding for our activities.

■  Budgeting & forecasting
■  Fund raising and building sponsor relations
■  Balance Sheet - collaborating with Treasurer

Examples: Budgeting, control, and fundraising to cover forum costs and supply the organization account. Maintain salesperson-like relationships with BCBS partners and sponsors. Procure corporate sponsorship. 

Team Function

Marketing & Design Team:

  • Poster & Flyers Design: 2-4
  • IT Engineer (Web & Apps): 2-4
  • General Member: 2-4

Finance Team:

  • General Member: 3-5

Operation Team:

  • General Member: 5-8

Human Resource Team:

  • General Member:2-4

Recruiting Department

2019 Spring Recruitment