Recruiting Department

2017 Fall Recruitment

China Operation Team:

The China Operation Team is responsible for the biggest event of BCBS, Michigan China Forum.

■  Michigan China Forum
■  International Corporate Tour (Collaborating with MSU Career Service Network)
■  Business Tours & Guest Speakers
■  New Proposals

Finance Team:

The Finance Team maintains both internal and external endeavors. Internally, Finance works with both the Treasurer and Operations/Marketing to control spending and plan future budgets. Externally, Finance serves a sales role, ‘selling’ BCBS to various types of organizations to procure funding for our activities.

■  Budgeting & forecasting
■  Fund raising and building sponsor relations
■  Balance Sheet - collaborating with Treasurer

Examples: Budgeting, control, and fundraising to cover forum costs and supply the organization account. Maintain salesperson-like relationships with BCBS partners and sponsors. Procure corporate sponsorship. 

Team Function

Marketing & Design Team:

  • Poster & Flyers Design: 2-3
  • IT Engineer (Web & Apps): 2-3
  • General Member: 1-2

Finance Team:

  • General Member: 3-4

Operation Team:

  • General Member: 1-2

China Operation Team:

  • General Member:1-2

Operation Team:

The Operations Team serves as the ‘engine’ of BCBS, focusing largely upon internal activities. Operations initially estimates and schedules all BCBS events for a semester or academic year based upon direction provided by the executive board. The team subsequently plans, organizes, and executes each individual event with full-scale organization support.

■  International Career Fair
■  Professional Events: Business Tours and Guest Speakers
■  Social Activities: BBQ, Laser Tag, etc.
■  New Proposal

Examples: Speaker identification and invitation, venue and materials setup, semester schedule
plan creation, guests’ arrangement (transportation, hotel), general event organization. 

  1. Download Fall 2017 Application Form
  2. Sent thecompeleted form and your resume to
  3. The deadline is 9.22,11:00pm

Marketing & Design Team:

The Marketing & DesignTeam is the primarily external arm of BCBS. Marketing collaborates closely with several executive board positions to advertise all external/public BCBS events, and promote the Broad China Business Society on a general level. Marketing raises awareness of BCBS through the website, official MSU-related sources, direct-to-student communications, publicity events, and other means.

■ Social Media: English and Chinese (FB, Twitter, Instagram; WeChat, Weibo, etc.
■ Design Group: Flyer, Brochure, Member Manual, Banner, etc
■ Photo/ Video
■ Web Design: MSUBCBS.ORG

Examples: Ticket sales, public presentations, advertisement materials
design, preparation, and distribution, graphic design, website development and support. 

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