Advisors 导师

BCBS was initially founded by Zhibo (Lawrence) Yu and Li Li in 2003 under the name Broad International Business Forum (BIBF). These two individuals brought together a group of enthusiastic students who sought to inform and create channels upon which to expand knowledge of international business for students and professionals alike.
In fall semester 2006 the group was transformed from BIBF into the Broad China Business Society under the direction of undergraduate David Gross. The change in the organization’s name and aim was a result of the following:
The creation of the summer 2006 China Business Tour.
BIBF's interest in the country of China.

The creation of the MSU India Information Technology Forum (MSU IITF): In retrospect, the change in BIBF’s name was also enacted to meet the demand for professional business organizations as a result of MSU’s dramatic increase in Chinese student enrollment and engagement with China. 


The Broad China Business Society (BCBS) is an organization that aims to:
​ Develop a global network of elite business professionals & leaders that produce and innovate events and activities that benefit the individuals & communities involved.

​The organization is based roughly upon a business-type structure that requires all members to be proactive and intimately involved in working to accomplish tasks and achieve concrete goals. Membership consists of highly-dedicated students and alumni with extremely diverse cultures, majors, and interests.

​ BCBS manages and operates an annual professional business conference with a global focus. It is also responsible for the annual summer China Business Tour as well as a scholarship endowment through the Broad School. The organization is fully supported by the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (MSU). 

Introduction 简介


A core reason for the Broad China Business Society’s existence is to bring together talented individuals and leaders to aid each other in self-development. Each member of the Society joins for their own personal reasons based upon their desire to grow, gain experience, and work alongside like-minded people; BCBS is a medium through which students, alumni, and professionals are able to develop and learn. 

Purpose 宗旨