Jeff Duan

 Vice President of Human Resource

  • Year: Sophomore

  • Major: Computer Science

  • Professional Experience:
    Teacher assistant in New Oriental School
    Cooperation Tour in China visiting fortune 500 company

  • Interesting Facts: WW1,WW2 history, chinese history, global history,etc. Playing 9 balls pool and snooker. Coding whatever i want. Playing mobile games. Be a cool boy and like all kinds of music.

  • Contact email:



Katharina Ehni


  • Year: Sophomore

  • Major: Supply Chain Management and Mandarin Chinese

  • Professional Experience: Administrative Assistant for Comprehensive Rheumatic Care, Stylist at Donna Karan New York and White House Black Market, and a student office assistant at the Asian Studies Center.

  • Interesting Facts: Studied abroad at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan and at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China. Classically trained in cello for 13 years.

  • Contact email: ehnikath@msu.ed your paragraph here.

Dickson Hung 

 Vice President of Finance

  • Year: Sophomore

  • Major: Finance and Economics

  • Professional Experience: AIA Summer Financial Planner Trainee Graduate Assistant at Dale Carnegie Training Course

  • Interesting Facts: born with 11 fingers!

  • Contact email: hungpak@msu.eduType your paragraph here.Major:


2019 Executive BoaRd


Miles Jarvis

 Executive Director

  • Year: Sophomore

  • Year: Senior

  • Major: Economics & Statistics

  • Professional Experience:
    1.Incoming Trading Analyst at Citigroup
    2.Trading Summer Analyst at Citigroup
    3.Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs
    4.Enterprise Risk Modeler at Quicken Loans

  • Interesting Facts: He has boxed the since a kid, traveled to over 30 countries, makes the best Chengdu style noodles, great hair and knows how to say Xin Nian Kuai Le
    Contact email: jarvismi@msu.eduType your paragraph here.

          Human Resource


Anyu Chen 

 Vice President of Marketing

  • Year: Senior

  • Major: Accounting

  • Professional Experience:
    International Business Department Internship in China Construction  
    Trade Department Internship in Agricultural Bank of China 
    Vita International tax preparer

  • Interesting Facts: I once has helped one client to get $6,000 for tax return I like soccer and I am liverpool fan. I also like many outdoor activities like fishing, shooting or skiing

  • Contact email: chenanyu@msu.eduype your paragraph here.

Xinyi Nong

 Vice President of Operations

  • Year: Sophomore

  • Major: Marketing

  • Professional Experience.
    1. Summer Academic Assistant for Feuture, Shanghai
    2.Summer Intern in Prudential Insurance Company of U.K, Hong Kong
    3. Senior advisor of Huayi Business Association, Guangxi

  • Interesting Facts: She will feel very down if she don’t cook for 3 days

  •  Contact email: nongxiny@msu.eduType your paragraph here.