Mr. Neil Kane

Director of MSU undergraduate entrepreneurship

Mr. Glenn Omura

Acting Associate Dean, Eli Broad College of Business

Greg is a Relationship Management Leader with a record of excellence integrating business development and customer satisfaction strategies. Experienced in financial planning, commercial real estate construction lending, capital markets, large corporate and middle market banking.

Ms. Yao Zhang
Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

The Eli Broad College of Business is regarded as one of the world’s premier college of business. The Broad China Business Society (BCBS), a student organization affiliated with the Broad College, is committed to bringing in the research expertise of MSU faculties and the practical experience of business professionals together to deliver strategic insights into the U.S.- China economic relationship. BCBS’s Greater China Supply Chain Forum was first held in 2003. Its aim is to promote global business with a focus on China among students and scholars at Michigan State University. The Supply Chain Forum is entirely student-organized and has proven to be a fantastic success as well as a benefit for students, business professionals, and the local community.
​       Driven by the rapid development of the Chinese Internet and technology startups, in 2015 the BCBS decided to broaden the focus of the conference beyond supply chain issues and changed the name of the program to the Michigan China Forum.  The topics discussed in 2015 were entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and big data.  In 2016 the conference explored finance and investment issues.

This year we will deepen our awareness of business innovation.  With constant changes in technology and economic globalization, organizations need to constantly innovate to keep their business relevant in this environment.  Understanding how organizations do this in their products, services, and processes will be the focus of this year’s forum. 

Mrs. Carleen Ling-An Hsu

Ms. Lynne Zelenski

Director of Student Academic Service 

Department: Accounting and information systems

Gerard co-founded the Broad China Business Society while earning his B.A. in East Asian Languages & Cultures at Michigan State University. He is also the author of forthcoming books Semocratic Theocracy, Cloud Seed The World, Benevolent Theft, Walnut Theory, Killdeere Jains, and East & West Doesn’t Exist.
Gerard's more than 10 years in Michigan, China, and a touch of South Africa have been spent co-founding organizations, architecting relationship networks, laboring for the owners of Chinese real estate conglomerates, and project consulting for a subsidiary of Israeli's largest bank and leading investment bank.


Mr. Greg Mickens            
Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

Ms. Laurie Hein Denham, CTL, CAE

President, American Society of Transportation and Logistics

2017 Michigan China Forum


Mr. Gerard Gross            

Founder of Haptile


Mr. Brian Town

CEO of Michigan Creative 

Lynne spent eight years working with Career Services and Placement specializing in business placement and supervising campus recruiting and employer services. Lynne has a close relationship with BCBS. She is always eager to help international students build up resumes, explore career options, and look for job opportunities. 

Our audiences for the 2017 Michigan China Forum include a diverse array of students, faculty and professionals from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor as well as residents from the East Lansing area.


Dr. Zhang is an experienced management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Strategy Practice. She serves clients primarily in the life science, chemical and automotive industries. Her work focuses on operational model development, growth & corporation strategy, merger & acquisition and commercialization effectiveness.
Dr. Zhang holds a BS degree in Chemistry from Peking University and a PhD degree in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.

MSU room, 3nd floor at MSU Union building 

Paula is Strategy, Marketing, and Tech Commercialization consultant working with universities, governments, non-profits, equity investors, and tech companies.

​Mr. Curtis Pope

Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley

 Carleen Ling-An Hsu graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied film and television and from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Her films for HBO, PBS, the Learning Channel, BBC, and Channel 4 (in the UK) cover a wide range of subjects from the obesity epidemic in America to gender identity in Thailand to faith healing in Africa. She joins MSU as a Professor of Practice in our department jointly with the Film Studies Program in the Department of English. Carleen’s documentaries have been recognized for their exceptional storytelling and original content with a Royal Television Society Award, a Genesis Award, a Foreign Press Association Award for Best Documentary, a nomination for a national News and Documentary Emmy, and two prestigious George Foster Peabody Awards.

Ryan is Seasoned marketing & media professional with experience working agency-side, client-side and publisher-side. Thorough understanding of a rapidly evolving digital landscape as well as traditional media strategies, with a heavy focus on the auto vertical. Currently focused on delivering an audience, data, & targeting solutions via tech stack to deliver efficiency, performance & attribution success to various clients.

Before Brian Town started Michigan Creative in 2011, he was a high school educator for 13 years. During his time there, he created a nationally recognize film and TV production program and won numerous awards in educational and film production competitions. He continues to be an educator, becoming a teacher each summer for the UA of plumbers, pipefitters, and welders, developing curriculum teaching them how to teach their apprentices. Full time, he runs Michigan Creative with his 12 staff members. Brian is passionate about the State of Michigan and all of the business in it and looks forward to helping them every single day. Brian is also the host of popular podcast Business Machine.


Glenn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1976. Before coming to the Broad School, he taught at Boston University.
At the Broad School, he initiated the bRoad Warrior Awards that recognizes the top 5% of first-year MBA students, and the Broad v Broad Internal Case Competition for first-year MBAs.
He teaches the mandatory MBA Marketing Management course and the elective Market Creation, Growth and Domination course. His research and consulting focus is on creating and growing markets, particularly those driven by emerging technologies.

VIP Networking Round-Table Dinner provides the opportunities for students to communicate with professionals, hear first-hand experiences from industry leaders, and learn about the career aspirations as peers. Attendees are able to view the list of professionals in advance and decide on make sealing preferences.

Mrs. Denham has been president of ASTL over thirteen years. During her tenure, ASTL has grown from a domestic to an international organization with a China representative office in Beijing and affiliates in Asia, India, Europe, and South Africa. She has broadened ASTL’s certification tracks for transportation/logistics professionals to a three-tier program career path program beginning with and entry level high school program through mid and senior level management programs. These programs are recognized as a career pathway of stackable credentials for supply chain talent training.


Ballroom, 2nd floor at MSU Union building,

49 Abbott Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824


Guest Speaker

Neil Kane is the Michigan State University’s first director of undergraduate entrepreneurship. He is the former co-Executive Director of the Illinois Technology Enterprise Center at Argonne  National Laboratory and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University. He has become a CEO of Mooving Parts LLC, a start-up company that developing new toys and inventions with an emphasis on twisting logic puzzles. He also recognized for excellence in entrepreneurship by the National Science Foundation.

Mr. Ryan Gelisse

Targeting & Programmatic Specialist, Microsoft


Ms. Paula Sorrell

Vice President, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Venture Capital of Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Curtis works for The Pope Group at Morgan Stanley that is a family team with over 80 years* of collective investment experience managing assets for professionals, families, and businesses around Metro Detroit and throughout the United States. We focus our efforts on identifying and solidifying clients' goals, crafting a personalized financial plan, and providing tailored recommendations to help meet long-term goals.